The garden is growing

build your Bible reading habit.

The garden is growing

Composite image of the garden after five months of Bible reading

From left to right

  • Shed (where you manage the garden)
  • Water butt (full of water)
  • Maple tree: McCheyne Bible in a year reading plan, ~110/365 days growth
  • Book of Matthew, completed
  • Fuchsia bush: Book of Mark, completed
  • Daffodils: Book of Luke, completed
  • Tulips: Book of John, completed
  • Foxglove: Book of Acts, completed
  • Silver Bush: Psalms devotion. 120/365 days progress
  • Tulip: Book of James, completed
  • Foxglove: Book of Joshua, completed
  • Silver Birch: Book of Psalms, 16/150 days progress

Note to self: I made this by stitching together screenshots: Should make this a function in the app to export the whole garden as an image.

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